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Femina Healthcare is a medical practice devoted to meeting the needs of women, especially pregnancy care.


Telephone 23682333 (大陆客户0085223682333)

Femina Healthcare welcome all women in need of Obstetric & gynecology service. We extend our warm welcome to Americans, Australians, members of teachers Union, as we are designated clinic for the American Consulate, Australian Consulate & Teachers Union.

婦健中心歡迎所有需要婦產科服務的婦女。 我們熱烈歡迎美國公民,澳大利亞公民,教師聯盟成員,因為我們是美國領事館,澳大利亞領事館和教師聯盟的指定診所。

We strive to ensure you have a healthy baby.


We provide general obstetrics and gynaecology service for various issues related to women's health by specialists in obstetrics (specialist who look after pregnant women) and gynaecology (specialist who treat all of women's health problems). We have expert in Maternal Fetal Medicine, specialised in obstetric care, prenatal ultrasound, high-risk obstetrics and reproductive genetics (the study of birth defects or inherited characteristics which affect decisions concerning reproduction). We provide an ultrasound imaging, counselling and prenatal diagnosis service. What is a maternal fetal medicine specialist? 我們提供婦產科服務, 超聲波掃描, 產前診斷, 和遺傳輔導, 處理各種婦女與孕婦健康有關的問題。 我們有母胎醫學專家, 專門研究超聲波, 產前診斷, 高風險產科和遺傳學 (先天缺陷)

A maternal fetal medicine (MFM) specialist is an obstetrician/gynaecologist who has completed 3 years of additional formal education and clinical experience in an approved MFM Fellowship Program. A MFM specialist has a special competence in: 1) the diagnosis and treatment of women with complications in pregnancy; 2) pre-existing medical conditions which may be impacted by pregnancy; and 3) medical conditions that can impact pregnancy itself. MFM specialists have the specific training and experience needed to perform complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures during pregnancy (for mother and fetus). A MFM specialist requires advanced knowledge of the obstetrical, medical, genetic and surgical complications of pregnancy and their effects on both mother and fetus. Advanced knowledge of newborn adaptation is also necessary to ensure a continuum of excellence in care from the fetal to newborn periods.  A MFM specialist also has advanced training in fetal ultrasound scanning. 我們提供全面的產科和婦科服務針對各種婦女健康問題,產科專家(專科照顧孕婦)婦科(專科處理所有婦女的健康問題)。 > 我們有母胎醫學專家,專業從事產科護理,產前超聲波檢查,高風險的產科和生殖遺傳學(研究出生缺陷或遺傳特徵影響有關生育決定)。我們提供超聲影像,諮詢和產前診斷服務。什麼是產婦胎兒醫學專家? > 產婦胎兒醫學專家(MFM)是需要完成3年嚴格認可MFM計劃的正規教育和臨床經驗。一個MFM專家有專業能力去,1)診斷和治療妊娠併發症的婦女; 2)判斷以往確診的疾病會否影響懷孕; 3)判斷產婦健康狀況,可否影響懷孕。MFM專家有特定的訓練和經驗,能夠在懷孕期間進行複雜的診斷和治療程序(對母親和胎兒)。一個MFM專家擁有先進的產科,醫學,遺傳基因和妊娠手術並發症和母親和胎兒的影響知識。新生嬰兒適應先進知識也是必要的,以確保持續胎兒到新生兒時期的卓越護理。一個MFM專家也擁有先進的胎兒的超聲波掃描訓練。 > 我們承諾提供最高質素專業護理。我們只用先進的超聲波設備(GE and Philips),配合我們醫生的資深經驗,以提供最佳超聲波影像。

We have sub-specialist gynaecologists that can perform advanced laparoscopic gynecological surgeries, uro-gynecological surgeries and common gynecological procedures.

我們婦科專家/醫生提供各種婦科檢查及治療,服務對象涵蓋不同年齡層的女性,包括由月經初潮至絕經期前後的女性。異常陰道出血是常見的婦科毛病,可由各種良性或惡性的生殖器官疾病引致,應及早求醫。 良性婦科腫瘤 (如卵巢囊腫及子宮肌瘤) 可引致下腹疼痛或無病徵,早期的良性腫瘤可用微創手術治療。

We are committed to delivering the highest quality health care with professionalism and sensitivity. We only use entirely digital state of the art ultrasound equipment (GE, E10 most advanced woman health ultrasound machine; E8: Resona) which combined with our staff experience provides the best possible imaging. 我們承諾提供高專業和高質素的醫療保健。我們使用先進超聲波設備和聘用資深醫務人員以保持高水平, 高質素的醫療服務。

We strive to make private obstetric and gynecology service affordable and meeting the need of all women. 我們會努力幫助所有女人士們取得可接受的價格私人產科和婦科服務,並滿足所有女性的需求。

We are located at 704-707, Grand Centre, 8 Humphrey's Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui. We currently do not have other branch. 8 號, 7 704-707

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