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We strive to ensure you have a desirous healthy baby.


Before Pregnancy 懷孕

1. Folic acid supplement 服用葉酸

2. Stop smoking and alcohol 停止吸煙和酗酒

3. Gene Carrier screening 隱性遺傳基因篩選

4. Healthy Lifestyle 健康生活

5. Screen for Toxoplasmosis (cat lovers) 養貓的女士:弓形蟲檢測

6. Screen for subclinical hypothyroidism 甲狀腺功能減退症

(cause low IQ to baby, 可以導致嬰兒低IQ)


During Pregnancy 懷孕期間

1. Vitamin supplement, diet, exercise, travel advice 補充維生素,飲食,運動,旅行建議

2. Antenatal blood test 產前血液檢查

3. Non-invasive prenatal test 無創性胎兒產前檢測

A. Chromosome 染色體 (Faest, Harmony, NIFTY, Panorama, safeT21)

b. De Novo Gene mutation 基因突變 (VISTARA)

4. Nuchal Translucency 胎兒後頸皮下透明層

5. Aspirin Therapy, Clexane

6. Morphology scan 胎兒結構性超聲波


1. Carrier Screening: Screen out possible autosomal recessive conditions


a. American College O&G & AMGC recommended screen for 27 conditions

b. Hong Kong residents, carrier prevalence (10-40/100 will have abnormal genes):

香港居民隱性遺傳基因率 (10-40/100)

i. Alpha Thalassemia 地中海貧血 1 in 20 persons

ii. Beta Thalassemia  地中海貧血 1 in 20 persons

iii. Wilson Disease 威爾遜病 1 in 50

iv. Spinal Muscular Atrophy 脊髓性肌萎縮症 1 in 53

v. Galactosemia 1 in 87

vi. Cystic fibrosis 1 in 94

vii. Gaucher disease 代謝疾病 < 1 in 100

viii. Familial Hyperinsulinism 1 in 150

ix. Glycogen storage disease type 1A 1 in 150

x. Canavan disease 1 in 150

xi. Fragile X carrier 1 in 150-350

xii. Tay-Sachs disease 1 in 300

c. About 15-40% of individual will carry one or more autosomal recessive genes.

d. 1 in 4 of babies of carriers will be affected

e. Our clinic offer the above screening, up to a total of 274 conditions


During Pregnancy (Detection rate per 1000 babies)

1. Folic acid supplement (risk of acranium/spina bifida 1/1000)

2. Dating Scan (fetal heart pulsation, up to 20% may have miscarriage, 200/1000)

3. Down syndrome screening (1-2/1000)

4. Non-invasive prenatal Screening for Chromosomes (Faest, Harmony, NIFTY, Panorama & safT21)

a. Down syndrome screening (1-2/1000)

b. Edward & Patau syndromes (< 1/1000)

c. Sex Aneuploidies (1-3/1000)

d. Common microdeletion (<1/1000)

e. Other abnormalities (safeT21, NIFTY PRO, Verifiplus < 1/1000)

f. If all chromosomes are assessed, the likelihood of invasive procedure will be increased to (5-10/1000)

5. Non invasive prenatal testing for De Novo mutation 無創性胎兒基因篩查

Incidence of De Novo gene mutations(10/1000)

VISTARA can detect 2/1000

6. Morphology scan 胎兒結構性超聲波

a. Major organ defects (20-50/1000)

b. Minor findings and soft markers (up to 100-200/1000)

7. Oral glucose tolerance test, gestational diabetes (Chinese 100-150/1000, Caucasian 50/1000)

8. Fetal growth assessment 30 to 34 weeks, detect small or large babies (100-200/1000)

9. Healthy lifestyle: Diet, sleep, exercise, work.

10. Things that may harm the fetus or you: Alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, strenuous exercise/scuba diving/contact sport, X-ray or radiation imaging, certain food (Unpasteurized dairy products, soft cheese, uncooked meat/fish/egg, Deli meat, shark fin, fish with high mercury, smoked seafood), certain medication, sauna/hot tube, .

11. Things that may have negative effect: Shift work, strenuous/stressful work, dying hair, acupuncture, massage, painting, caffeine, wearing high heels, high altitude, sex, air traveling (DVT/Cosmic radiation/turbulence/trauma/infection/preterm birth),

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