1. Gynaecology

  1. Gynaecological issues or disorders at all ages
  2. Women trying to get pregnant
  3. Unplanned Pregnancy (Legal abortion is performed in Hospital and at less than 24 weeks gestation)
  4. Chronic Pelvic Pain/Pelvic Infection
  5. Benign uterine tumour (fibroid) or ovarian cyst
  6. Early pregnancy complications (ectopic, miscarriages)

2. Surgery


a. Operation for miscarriage, discontinuation of pregnancy (Termination of pregnancy)

b. Hysteroscopy, D&C

c. Laparoscopic surgery (laparoscopy, ovarian cystectomy, oophorectomy [ovary], myomectomy [fibroid] and hysterectomy [uterus])

Advantage of Laparoscopic Surgery: Less pain, shorter recovery period, less blood loss, and less adhesion.

d. Abdominal operation

i. Ovarian operation

ii. Abdominal hysterectomy

iii. Myomectomy

e. Vaginal surgery

i. Cervical cerclage

ii. Cone biopsy

iii. LLETZ

iv. Vaginal hysterectomy